David Hobbs

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Branding / Website
Aimee : Ai

I was approached to create a website for Aimee, a topical knowledge engine based AI. The client had already created a basic structure and flow for the product and needed some help with the branding and design. The requirements were a logo, three customer facing pages which included an Addon's store and an initial set of Addon icons.

The logo for Aimee combines the widely recognsed chat speech bubble with some simple robotic charactistics.Aimee is simple, memorable, scales without loss, works both in colour or black and white, with or without a black stroke and will fit into all colour schemes. Aimee can also show emotion just by simple tweaks to the 'eyes' or replacing them all together with other iconography. This allows Aimee to be used for multitude solutions, whether it's header logo or thank you email - Aimee will be happy to get the message across.